CEO Message

Never ceasing to create and innovate for the betterment of humanity. We promise to take ourselves to the next level by delivering new values to the world.

A company recognizedfor technology.

Daewon Precision has made significant contributions to the growth and settling of the secondary battery industry in South Korea through the localization of molds, which are essential components in the industry. Furthermore, through continuous improvement and innovation, we have transformed into a specialized expert that offers a total solution for battery production lines, rather than just a conventional mold producer.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the battery industry is undergoing constant changes. In response to an environment where technological innovation and ESG management are highly valued, Daewon Precision has adopted the corporate philosophy of ‘becoming a company recognized for its technology, a company that realizes the goals.' We strive to do our best to meet the demands of the era and our customers.

We sincerely appreciate your unwavering interest and guidance. Thank you very much.

CEO and Founder_ Hyuk Ahn